Biodegradable Technology

Biodegradable Technology


Many countries use biodegradable technology
Several countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East have already legislated to require everyday
plastic items to be made with d2w technology.

Biodegradable plastic
It looks and feels like ordinary plastic.
In terms of strength, aesthetics, flexibility and optical properties.

Only 1% of d2w can make the difference.
Included at the manufacturing stage, at only 1% – means little or no extra costs.

It complies with international standards.
Biodegradable products are tested according to ASTMD6954 and other
international standards.  They were found to be Degradable, Biodegradable and Non eco-toxic.

SASO and ESMA Approved
The first to be approved

It is non-disruptive
A drop-in technology,  so no need to change suppliers.

It is recyclable (Recycling)
d2w can be recycled with conventional polymer and can be made with recyclate.
As demonstrated by expert laboratories in Austria and South Africa
Suitable for food contact
According to FDA & EU food contact regulations.

No Toxic Residues and No Microplastics

Distinguished Lawyer, Peter Susman QC, finds the case for oxo-biodegradable plastic proven.

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