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B2B Products Inquiries

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  • Cationic Emulsifier :  for CRS, CMS, CSS
  • Bitumen Additives
  • Polymer for Polymer Modified Bitumen :  SBS, EVA, POE, Lotader Reactive Terpolymer
  • Emulsion Bitument Plant , Bitumen Lab Equipment,
  • Polymerization Initiators,  Elastomer Crosslinker, UPR Curing Agent
    • Organic Peroxide ( Polymerization,  Elastomer Crosslink and UPR Curing)
    • Inorganic Persulfate (Ammonium, Magnesium , Sodium)
    • Azo Initiator (AIBN)
    • Suspending agent for PVC polymerization , Stabilizer for EPS Polymerization.
  • Blowing Agent etc.. 

B2C Products Inquiries

Comfosole :   Orthotic Insole For Sports and Daily Comfort.

UniXX :            Engine Lubricants and Hydraulic Oil

Glysantin :      Superior Engine Coolant