GLYSANTIN® is much more than just an antifreeze. The premium engine coolant from BASF provides threefold protection from corrosion, overheating and frost. GLYSANTIN® ensures that your cooling system works perfectly all year round. In our product finder we offer you easy orientation to find the suitable GLYSANTIN® product for use in your vehicle. Products are available for all types of vehicle and all types of engine.

Developed based on the specific requirements of engine manufacturers
Manufacturers’ engine coolant specifications differ depending on the engine technology, the operating conditions of the engine and the different materials within the complete cooling system which come into contact with the coolant. Thus, the appropriate and suitable GLYSANTIN® can only be developed in collaboration with leading car and engine manufacturers.

Protection against cavitation (pitting corrosion) in a high-pressure environment
High temperatures, high pressure drops and vibration in the cooling system can cause cavitation. Rapidly expanding gas bubbles can etch deep holes into the metal and damage the cylinder head, wet cylinder liners and water pump. The additives in GLYSANTIN® build a protective layer in the cooling system that prevents cavitation damage to the engine.

Protection against frost is the minimum requirement of a coolant
Naturally GLYSANTIN® protects the cooling system against frost. However, only when applied correctly. GLYSANTIN® concentrate must be diluted with water to ensure frost protection and optimal heat transfer. GLYSANTIN® Ready Mix products are pre-mixed and offer frost protection and optimal heat transfer.

Changing the engine coolant at regular intervals is important
Please take note of the respective vehicle manufacturers recommendations.
We recommend changing the coolant every three to four years. This is important as the inhibitors in the coolant gradually degrade. The frost protection remains over a longer time but the comprehensive corrosion protection can no longer be guaranteed without the additive which has been specially adapted to the cooling system.

Corrosion inhibitors play a decisive role in protecting the engine
High temperatures and the presence of water in the cooling system are the origin of corrosion. The corrosion inhibitors of GLYSANTIN® are specifically selected to protect all the component parts of the cooling system, from the metals in the engine block and radiator to the various plastics used for the hoses.

Preventing deposits in the cooling system ensures an efficient heat transfer
GLYSANTIN® is very effective at preventing scale formation in cooling systems. Scale can block the narrow channels in the cooling system and prevent heat from being transferred to the ambient air. This can easily lead to overheating, particularly, in the summer months.

The correct engine coolant cannot be identified by the color alone
The color of an engine coolant is not indicative of its chemical and/or technical properties. Color is often defined by the approval specification of the vehicle manufacturer.

Coolants for mobility of the future
In the future, coolants will also play an important role in the protection of alternative power trains. GLYSANTIN® products are undergoing continuous development so that the requirements of new technologies can be satisfied or even surpassed.
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